The Top Ten Science Fiction and Fantasy Actors

37 MinutesThis is purely a random idea for a list generated by watching many movies over the holidays. Obviously, this is just our opinion – please feel free to express your own. This list is for both wide and small screens.

10. Leslie Nielsen. Leslie Nielsen was one of the great Science Fiction actors of the 50’s. The movie, The forbidden Planet, is one of the greatest iconic films in the Science Fiction genre ever made. He was the ULTIMATE space captain. Watching it recently, we almost expected one of Nielsen’s quips from Airplane and other comedic movies and shows, but Mr. Nielsen maintains perfect composure and is quite stoic.

9, Arnold Schwarzenegger. OK, he doesn’t really act. That’s why he is low on the list. But he did the Terminator movies, which are a huge part of SF culture. He did Conan, which is a huge part of Fantasy culture. Another great SF film, Total Recall helped form his large relationship with SF.

8. Sean Connery is low on our list, not because of his ability, but more due to his only starring in a few SF&F Films. The ones he did were quite notable, however. His First SF film, Meteor, was a typical “astronauts go save the earth” type movie. One his early fantasies was Time Bandits. He also starred in two Highlander movies and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. One of the great missteps in his career, we feel, is turning down the role of Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings.

7. William Shatner. NO! I will not argue about this. The man brought Science fiction into living rooms across American in the late 60’s. His swashbuckling portrayal of Captain James Tiberius Kirk was what a Starship Captain needed to be, not some namby-pamby guy who brought his shrink (excuse me consular) with him wherever he went. He would risk everything, his ship, his crew – even those guys with the red shirts.

6. Will Smith. Mr. Smith captured our attention with the aliens vs. earthlings adventure Independence Day. Since then he’s been in the Men in Black series. He also starred in the film adaption of I, Robot. I Am Legend was recently on late night, so we got to see him once again.

5. Sigourney Weaver. Her roles in the Alien series helped shape Science Fiction and Horror crossover type movies. The two Ghostbusters movies were a foray into the fantasy world. Her recent role in Avatar firmly implants Ms. Weaver in the Science Fiction and Fantasy worlds. (Supposedly there will be an Avatar II).

4. Harrison Ford. Harrison Ford propelled to fame with Star Wars. He then starred in the Fantasy series as the ultimate explorer, Indiana Jones. Also, he was the hero in one of the great dark Science fiction films, Blade Runner.

3. Ian McKellan. As Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Sir Ian rocked. How cool to walk around with his stick. Sir Ian also is the arch-enemy in the X-Men movies. His appearance as Number Two in the redone Prisoner Series shows he is willing to take risks and do some obscure type Science Fiction.

2.Patrick Stewart. Not only does he do a great Starship Captain (other comments not withstanding), but he plays the leader of the X-Men. Not only does is he the leader of the X-Men, but he does voices for great RP Games like Oblivion. His Shakespearean training and smooth voice propels him to the top of this list (He would have been number one if he were a little hotter!)

1. Milla Jovovich. Oh come on! She made a name for herself in the great movie The Fifth Element. She also starred in all the Resident Evil incarnations. Though some of you may question her actual acting ability, she has great screen prescience and is, well, hot. Her roles in non-SF&F movies are not well-known, but every now and then we see a movie and go, “Hey! That’s Leeloo!” She has the great quality of looking like a scared little girl that kicks butt.

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