. . . to your home for serial science fiction from the distant reaches of UHF: Channel 37!

In the days before cable, science fiction fans across the country tuned in their favorite UHF stations to watch an endless parade of clunky tinfoil robots, rubber-suit monster menaces, spaceships dangling on strings, and quippy jut-jawed heroes battling it out in front of smoke-filled cardboard sets accompanied by Theremin music.

On Channel 37, those days live on! We offer serial adventures, anthology tales, and feature film-length stories in handy blog form for your episodic delectation. Pull up a comfortable chair, make sure your tongue is planted firmly in your cheek, and relive with us those exciting days of yesteryear, when television was the black-and-white portal to the universe!

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The Dragon Fighter From Hoboken

Space Repairman
Marooned on Planet X
The Event Horizon
37 Minutes

Completed Serials

The Immortals

The Tin Can Society
Eva Golemina and the Calvert Street Sorceress
The Green Girl
Space Repairman:

They Came from New Jersey!
The Terror from the Other Dimension!

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