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Latest News From Channel 37

To all our friends and fans. We’re sorry for the interruption in broadcasting for the last few months. We were in the midst of heated negotiations (it was winter, you know).

Anyway, we are proud to announce that Channel 37 has become part of Greyrock Publishing, LLC of Baltimore. We have worked with Greyrock in the past, particularly with the publishing of Season One!, our first compilation.

In that change begets change, some of our staff have been repositioned (speaking corporatese already!). Our head writer, Paul Lagasse, is being moved to strategic planning and oversight. He will contribute stories when he can, but not until most of the reshuffling dust settles. I intend on nagging him constantly for posts.

My role has been changed to Senior Editor. I will be writing, editing and acquiring posts where available. Channel 37 will try to stick to a defined schedule, as has been in the past. Perhaps the posts will not be weekly until we find more staff members.

With that in mind, Channel 37 is looking for writers to fill in. If you like to write for little pay and put up with impossible deadlines, then Channel 37 might be the place for you! For more details, please email me at

Now that the corporate stars have been re-aligned, let me assure the readers that the scripts are being produced, the actors are rehearsing, and the camera men are sobering up! We will be posting new stories as soon as next week.

Thank you all for your past support and we look forward to hearing from you in the future!

Gary Lester
Senior Editor

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