Science Fiction Comes to Fantasy!

37 MinutesThis year at CinemaCon a new world opened up.

Peter Jackson’s version of The Hobbit was previewed showcasing the latest evolution of cinematic form: 48 frames per second technology.

What does 48 fps mean to the movie industry? Everything!

This brings digital technology to full features films on the big screen. Basically, it’s HD Movies. The movie industry is entering a new era. This news is as big as “talkies”, “Color”, and “SurroundSound.”

Of course, this bold move has is detractors. The fact that 24fps has been around since the 30’s means a significant change to viewing movies. Many have said they will not like the change, others will wait and see what happens.

Not all of the theatres will have this technology, so fans will be able to pick and choose.

Meanwhile, here’s the trailer for Part I of The Hobbit.

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