Channel 37: Season One! (paperback)

Channel 37 Season One! Coverby Paul Lagasse and Gary Lester

Join Paul and Gary on a year’s worth of intergalactic romps, dimensional shifts (in a blimp, no less), and the latest in Cold War gizmology. This action-packed volume features the complete Channel 37 inaugural season.

Includes the complete text of:

  • The Terror from the Other Dimension!
  • They Came from New Jersey!
  • The Event Horizon (eight short stories)
  • Space Repairman (three complete multi-part episodes)
  • The Green Girl
  • Eva Golemina and the Calvert Street Sorceress

. . . plus brand-new introductions to each of the serials that reveal their hilarious “back stories!”

$14.95 — buy now from Amazon

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