Star Trek Planets Quiz

37 MinutesSo you think you know your Classic Star Trek, do you? Here’s a little quiz to test your mettle.

Without resorting to Google, Wikipedia, or any reference materials whatsoever — in other words, using nothing but the power of your own noggin — identify the Classic Trek episodes in which the following ten planets appeared (episode title or plot description will do). First one to get all ten right gets a free e-book of their choice of any of our Channel 37 titles.

Feeling up to the challenge? Open your test books and begin!

  1. Eminiar VII
  2. Janus VI
  3. Cheron
  4. Argelius II
  5. Camus II
  6. 892-IV
  7. Omicron Ceti III
  8. Neural
  9. Argus X
  10. Elba II

Leave your answers in the comments section below. And may the nerdiest Trekkie win!

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