Curious about Curiosity?

37 MinutesNASA’s latest mission to Mars seems to be a great success so far. Much of the world is curious about this little rover sent to the red planet.

It is interesting to note that no one ever heard about Curiosity until after Channel 37’s feature series “Mission to Mars” was running. Just saying.

But be that as it may, the staff at Channel 37 is excited that Curiosity is the first step that will eventually lead to a real life Mission to Mars. We have been following the mission relentlessly except, of course, when the cute little girls are doing their gymnastics at a lesser event known as the Olympics.

To explain about the mission, NASA hired the legendary William Shatner to narrate a short video. Here it is:

Here is the link if the video is not working.

We of course encourage our viewers to view this video, between Beach Volleyball matches, naturally.

The point of this mission that we here at Channel 37 feel the strongest about is that it may seem that the United States may be actually taking space seriously again. We applaud the efforts of NASA and hope this mission continues as successfully as it started.

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