“And All I Ask is a Tall Ship and a Star to Steer Her By”

37 MinutesFamous words written by John Masefield, but now the subject:


How important are stars to the fabric of human existence? Stars have been woven into the framework of our daily life.

At the dawn of civilization, stars were there to guide day to day existence. Religions were formed with stars as a basis. Continents were discovered and explored with only stars as guides. Those who could interpret patterns and discern meanings were deemed the wisest of the wise.

For eons, man dreamed of an existence with and beyond the stars. When the concept of Space was understood, men strived to find a way to live among the stars.

For over half a century, mankind worked to send men, machines, and payloads to the stars. Someday, the stars will shrink the way our own Earth has become smaller and smaller.

Scientists can tell us how the stars were made, the life expectancy of a star, the chemical composition of stars, and what the various color stars mean. We have calculated the relative speeds, density, and even postulate the existence of planets revolving around them.

We have sent objects and equipment into Space to photograph the stars, to observe patterns, to discover new stars, and to watch old stars die.

Yet as humans, our eyes have been turned downward. Our existence now lies in little boxes known as tablets, cell phones, and laptops. No longer do we look at the stars and wonder about reaching them.

Call to Action!

Before the summer is out and the skies are clear we encourage our viewers to go out and look at the stars. Maybe even dream…

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