Creatures of the Night: Part Three – Zombies!

37 MinutesWe are all fans of zombies. There is nothing better than a good zombie fest when one is feeling blue. Now there are “Zombie Walks” and zombie-this and zombie-that all over the world. In addition, post-12/12/12 there is expected to be a surge in the zombie population.

For those who are unaware, the word “zombie” is of Haitian origin. Supposedly with some of the mystical voodoo rites (?) one can be made a zombie by the ingestion of certain herbs and/drugs. There has been reported cases of people reported as dead, who rise up and walk, not really understanding what is happening. Often these people recover when the effects of the herbs/drugs wear off.

We know from the horrible face-eating incident in Florida this past year that drugs can certainly produce zombie-like attributes. But enough for reality!

Zombies can be separated into two distinct groups. We will can them the “Fantasy” Group and the “Science Fiction Group. Both groups have certain rules and regulations as to how they operate. We will examine both.


The Fantasy zombies have existed since times unrecorded. It may be said that zombies (although not know by that name) existed since Ezekiel prophesied to the bones in the Valley of the Dry Bones in the Bible. The bones rose reconnected and began to move (remember the “foot bone is connected to the ankle bone” song?)

In the fantasy world, zombies are always controlled by a powerful magician, who has sold his/her soul to become a “Necromancer.” Necromancers were beings that learned how to breathe “life” into dead flesh.

In the book, Ursula the Yellow, zombies were known as the “stelan-naus” the stolen dead. It was the necromancer Seliah, which called the dead from the graves and used them to build an army. This army could not be killed, since they were already dead. It took Seliah many years to perfect the Art of Necromancy to the point where she could control thousands of dead.

In the Hobbit, (which will be in theatres soon) Gandalf leaves the adventure of Bilbo and the Dwarves, to chase of the Necromancer of Dol Guldur. He has the help of Radagast the Brown in his venture. Of course, we find out later that the Necromancer is no one but Sauron, the ultimate evil.

In Piers Anthony’s Xanth series, zombies are controlled by, who else, the Zombie Master. The Zombie Master just happens to be a zombie himself.

Necromancers are the key to The Fantasy Zombies. Kill them and the zombies menace is done. Killing the necromancer, however, is usually the tough part.


The Science Fiction Zombie is another creature entirely. Often Science Fiction Zombies are caused by freak science experiments. These experiments can include, but not limited to, biological engineering, chemical experimentation, pharmaceutical experimentation, or just plain freak occurrence.

One of the best-known Science Fiction zombie stories is the “Resident Evil” series. This series focuses on the Umbrella Corporation’s search for a drug that will turn men into super beings. This drug, of course, backfires.

Zombies created by chemicals/drugs often are just bent on destroying living humans. Of course, when the zombie kills a living human, the human is infected with the same substance and then becomes another zombie.

Technically, these zombies would continue to kill until all life is eradicated. Thanks goodness for Mia Jovovich!

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