We’re Stuck!

The red menaceThis week’s episode is all scripted, planning and blocked for action. We at Channel 37 are stuck with one small element.

We can’t think of names for two of our characters.

Now one would think that an organization like Channel 37, with a parent company like Greyrock Publishing would have no problem think of character names.

One WOULD think.

But, nonetheless, we are stuck.

So, we have thought long and hard about a solution (although with the level of energy put into this, one would think we could come up with a name). Here it is.

This year at Balticon, we are looking for people who want to be a “Character” in this story. We will take applications, talk to potential characters. We will have a form that can be filled out and placed in our little “Channel 37 box. On Tuesday, May 28th the names of the new characters will appear in Part 3 of “The Red Menace.”

One of the characters is female and a new friend of Emily Rogers. This does not mean that only college ages students should apply. Remember, the story takes place in the 50’s (not that you have to be in your 80’s to apply). We are a fiction company.

The other character is a male Teacher’s Assistant (TA). This character ultimately introduces Emily to The Red Menace.

If you will not be at Balticon this year. Feel free to send your entry to gary@channel-37.net

Hope to see you all at Balticon!

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