Star Wars: The Force Awakens

37 MinutesHappy New Year to all our Channel 37 Fans! This year Paul and I are attempting to be really ambitious in our goals – both in Podcasting and in new stories on the blog. We’re even thinking about a trailer!

Anyway, we can’t help but say something about TFA.

This is a must see movie (not just to help our prediction that it will be the number one movie of all time). I have read several TFA related articles (only after watching it).

I will provide links to the best three: All of these articles are written by Professor Seth Abramson of the University of New Hampshire and Huffington Post commentator. I find that these EXACTLY walk through my experiences and thoughts when I watched the movie.

For those whose have only seen the movie one time these articles should be read before seeing the movie again:

1) 40 Unforgivable plot holes


2) 20 More plot Holes

And after viewing the movie again, visit this article:

3) 10 Reasons Star Wars TFA is the best “Star Wars” movie ever made.

Hopefully we will touch upon these ideas in our review of TFA in Part Three of our Star Wars Podcast series.

Happy viewing!

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