Love Charm

The Event HorizonThe sign of the run-down looking store read, “Nevets: Purveyors of Mysteries of the Universe Since 4.”

Bob Wilkerson tried to find a safe place to park. He worried about getting a ding on his new Studebaker Commander Starliner. He found a nearby “safe” spot and walked to the address. He paused reading the sign, assuming several of the digits fell from the date. He could not find what hours the store was actually opened. He tried the door. It opened.

The line between myth and reality can sometimes become blurred. Facts and figures can deceive and mislead. Truth can be turned inside out. All these elements, in the quest of true love, can lead to the door of…The Event Horizon

Stepping inside, his way was blocked by a bright polished brass grate over an interior door. He tried to pen it and found it locked. He turned to leave.

“Greeting, effendi,” a voice called from within the room. “If you wish to come inside you must first removed your shoes.”

Bob looked around and saw a small bench, he sat. He thought he was being stupid being here, but Eddie said these people had all sorts of things that might help. And he was a little desperate. The moment he took off his shoes and placed them on the empty rack, he heard a click from the grate.

He stood touched the grate, it opened with a slight metallic squeal. On the other side of the grate stood a short man, dressed in a brown robe and wearing a headdress most common to the Sikh religion.

The man smiled. “Greetings, effendi,” he said. “Welcome to out humble establishment. I, your servant Sahir, am most honored to help you in your needs.”

“Is Mr. Nevets in?” Bob asked.

“Oh, I am so saddened that he is not here to greet you, effendi. He is travelling to nether regions to replenish our supply of diminishing goods,” Sahir said. “I shall humbly to help you in this most important occasion.”

“I am told that this store has access to items that are both magical and practical.”

“You have great wisdom of both these facts, effendi. Is there something special you require?”

“There is a young woman, at my office that I wish to impress. I have become, somewhat infatuated with her.”

Sahir smiled and held up a finger. “Ah, yes, I understand, effendi. I have just the thing. It has been know to work wonders with the opposite sex. Just one moment, please.”

Sahir disappeared leaving Bob to explore. The store held quite a few fascinating objects. He found a dusty glass display case with a silver bottle inside. The bottle appeared to be filled with an odd substance.

“Ah, pardon, effendi,” Sahir said wiping the dust from the case. “It has been too busy to clean of late.”

“What is this?” Bob asked.

“It is from the first sale that Nevets ever made. Money from that sale was used to open stores all over the universe.”

“Really? What is it?”

“This was a substance ordered by the wise man Balthazar for a long journey. It is known as Frankincense.”

“You mean this company really started in the year 4?”

“That is what I have been told, effendi. I was not there at the time,” Sahir pointed out. He held up a heart shaped charm. “I believe I have found that which you seek.”

Bob reached for the item, Sahir pulled it away.

“No, sorry, effendi, you must not touch. It is very powerful. You should only touch it when you are ready and only after I have explained all the dangers.”

“Dangers? What kind of dangers?”

“Ah,” Sahir said. “There are several. This is a very strong charm that acts very quickly. I guarantee that the young lady in question will be immediately smitten by love for you. Yet you must be aware that using this charm may cause a change in you.”

“What kind of change?”

“One never knows, I am afraid. These changes may be temporary or they may be permanent. This charm affects all differently.”

“Are you sure it works?”

“It has never failed.”

“How much?”

“Ah, effendi, this charm is not for sale. All we can do is rent it to you for a short time. It must be returned after it has accomplished its task. We only charge a small service fee.”

“I want to use it, Mr. Sahir.”

“Here, fill out this form and attach our fee. You must only put this on when you will see her within an hour. As you approach her, you must tap the charm three times.”

“Seems simple enough, Mr. Sahir,” Bob said. He took the charm, leaving the form and left.


Three days later a young woman walked to the door. She looked trying to see the hours. Not seeing them, she transferred the cat to her shoulder and pulled the door open. She found herself in a wood paneled anteroom sealed by a large brass gate. She saw the sign about removing her shoes, and did so. The gate clicked and she pushed her way into the store. She saw a small gentleman wearing a robe and a turban.

The man bowed as she walked in, “Greetings and welcome to our humble establishment. I am your servant Sahir and am happy to assist you.”

“Is Mr. Nevets in?” she asked.

“I am sorry to inform you that Mr. Nevets is on a buying expedition in nether regions to replenish our supply of diminishing goods. During his absence he appointed me to serve in his stead.”

“This cat wondered in our office yesterday morning. I see by its tag that it must belong to Mr. Nevets.”

“No, I am afraid that Mr. Nevets or this establishment has not owned a cat in nearly three hundred years.”

The young woman seemed miffed. “The tag clearly states that this should be returned here.”

Sahir examined the tag. It was a bright polished silver charm in a heart shape, engraved, “Return to Nevets” on one side.

“Ah,” Sahir said. “I assure you that this cat does not belong to use. The return notice is meant for the charm.”

“The charm?”

“The little silver tag belongs to Mr. Nevets.”

“What about the cat?”

“That depends on you.”

“Well,” she hesitated. “I really like this cat, and it seems to like me. Would there be a problem keeping it?”

“Not at all. All I would require is the tag; you certainly can keep the cat.”

She removed the tag and handed it to Sahir. “Here that snokums, we can be together after all.”

“The cat’s name is Bob,” Sahir said.

“Bob?” the woman sneered. “That reminds me of that creepy guy in accounting.”

“You may name him whatever you wish.”

The meeting of love and magic can upset the delicate balance of the universe. Forces such as these can sometimes lead to unfortunate results. Bob Wilkerson used an unfailing charm to force an unwilling love. Yet, the result was what he was promised and less than he hoped for. Such are the tales of…The Event Horizon.

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