Only Five Days Left in the Ebook Death Match!

37 MinutesNext Monday, it’s all over. Only one writer will be left standing. And the loser will have to face a fate so unimaginable that . . . well, okay, it’s not that bad actually.

The Ebook Death Match is a brawl of titans — Keith “EdGizmo” “Penslinger” Hughes and Scott “Spiritual Tramp” “I Only Have One Nickname” Roche — to see who can sell the most books between June 6 and June 20. But here’s the twist: they’re not selling their own books. They’re selling each other’s! That’s right: Scott is hawking Keith’s science fiction thriller Borrowed Time while Keith is busking Scott’s horror anthology Through a Glass, Darkly. Whoever sells the most of the other’s books, wins.

And as an added perk, the participants in the Ebook Death Match got to decide what the loser must do. As of the close of voting on June 13, the winner by a healthy margin — with a full 50% of the vote — was that the loser must write a song and sing it. Depending on who loses the Death Match, it may be us, the readers, who suffer the horrific fate . . . (*cue horror music*)

So hurry up and join in the fun before it’s too late! Just be sure to buy your book by midnight on Monday, June 20!

To encourage you, listen to this dramatic interview of the contestants at Flying Island Press refereed by Zach Ricks. And be sure to check out this epic video:

Of course, we here at Channel 37 remain strictly neutral (GO SCOTT!), and we wish both contestants the best of luck (HOORAY SCOTT!). In the best traditions of the sweet science, we say, “May the best man (SCOTT! SCOTT! SCOTT! SCOTT!) win.”

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