Steve Jobs – Rest In Peace

37 MinutesRIP, Steve Jobs.

The news that Steve Jobs passed away will reverberate for quite some time. Mr. Jobs was a true innovator who inspired a great wave of creativity.

As someone who owned an old Apple IIc and later an early Mac, I was inspired to reach into new levels of creativity. Most of the writers I know started on an Apple.

The Apple IIc was the first computer in many homes. Many games were designed on these systems (which I will argue are still some of the best games ever!)

Anyway, since we are a science fiction site, we have to admit a few things:

  1. Mr. Jobs made a lot of predictions come true. In many homes, the apple was the most affordable computer available. It took on Big Blue at a time when they ruled the world. Where is IBM now?
  2. The Macintosh was/is one of the most advance machines ever. They were the closest thing to the HAL 9000. My first and only Mac actually had HAL’s voice (geek that I aspire to be). The Mac was like those computers from the campy 50’s movies. I think some of the cases the computers were designed from these movies.
  3. An iPhone beats a Star Trek communicator every time!
  4. The iPad is truly an item from the future. No keyboard, hooked up to the world. The iPad 2 is as good a communication device as the main screen on the Enterprise. I even program my wife’s iPad and a remote (don’t tell her!) No matter how many copycat designs come out on the market, Apple was the first.

So, in conclusion, many things will be written about Steve Jobs the next few days. There are so many things and stories that can be told how this man touched EVERYONE. I will leave to you, dear reader, to go out and learn about this creative human being.

Here is a post from Channel 37’s Paul Lagasse that I think you all will appreciate: A Dream, Fulfilled.

Rest In Peace Mr. Steve Jobs!

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