Paul Entertains Nathan Lowell!

Action 37 News!Channel 37’s own Paul Lagasse is the featured guest on today’s installment of Nathan Lowell Presents, a site dedicated to featuring creative people from around the web.

In “Creature Feature,” Paul tells Channel 37’s foundation story, steeped in the mists of history (well, as if six months ago is really all that misty):

“So what suddenly triggered the urge to write a story on my blog? A wonderfully bad 1950s alien monster movie called “The Monster That Challenged The World.”

It really should have been called “The Monster That Annoyed a Couple of Guys on a Boat,” but that’s not the point. One night I was flipping through the TV listings trying to find an excuse to stay up a little later when I stumbled on it just as it was starting. I thought, what the heck. At first I went all MST3K on it, because it deserved it. But at some point, I stopped mocking things like the stock characters (the Gruff but Secretly Warm-Hearted Hero, the Comely Lab Assistant, the Elderly Scientist Who Speaks in Dissertations) and actually got hooked on the story itself. As hokey as it was, it had a decent plot, earnest acting, and a not-half-bad script.

Watching the movie, I also began to feel a deep, warm nostalgia. . . .”

As Count Floyd used to say, “Wooo! Isn’t that scary, kids?”

Check out “Nathan Lowell Presents: Creature Feature” and be sure to add the site to your feed, because it’s a great way to meet the movers and shakers in today’s online science fiction scene!

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