The Chaos Theory

37 MinutesToday on Channel 37 we play homage to The Chaos Theory. We first became aware of The Chaos Theory from the Jurassic Park movie and books. Since then we’ve explored quite a bit of information on the subject.

One of the better books of the subject is Chaos: Making of a New Science by James Gleick, available here.

Gleick breaks down Chaos Theory. How it came to be. The important of great Chaos scientists such as Benoit Mandelbrot, the French-American scientist born in Poland (How Chaotic is that!). Mandelbrot, as every geek knows, was instrumental in fractal geometry, which has been associated with Chaos Theory.

Basically, Chaos Theory is the scientific explanation of “S**t Happens!” The formulas used in science sometime are not as precise as scientists would like. Ask any meteorologist.

As a literature tool, Chaos Theory shows up in several Event Horizon stories. Just a couple of examples are “Three Seconds” and lately “Happy New ?”.

We encourage our readers to become familiar with Chaos Theory. We consider it the second best theory of all-time – following the ever popular “The Theory of the Great Migration.”.

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