The Theory of The Great Migration

37 MinutesThis week scientists discovered, via the Martian rover, quantities of gypsum on Mars. According to most scientists, this is seen as conclusive proof that there was once water on Mars. Most believe that where there is water, there will be some sort of life, however primitive and microbial as can be.

While this is seen as great event, in the world of space exploration, Channel 37 would like to take this moment and proffer “The Theory of the Great Migration.”

Water can now be understood to have existed on Mars at one point. Without it, life as we know it cannot prosper, there cannot be any growth. Perhaps on Mars there was once life, maybe even intelligent. As water resources dwindled, Martian inhabitants needed to look for new sources of water. Obviously, no Martians being found on Mars, we must conclude that they left to pursue alternative sources. We, at Channel 37, call this event “The Great Migration.”

As the water supply dwindled, citizens of Mars had two options, move or die. If they decided to move, there were two options, Earth or one of Jupiter’s moons, Europa. Both had quantities of water that guaranteed enough to support a civilization (or two).

Europa was a cold moon far away from the sun and did not offer much in way of relocating. Earth was not much better at the time. There was massive volcanic activity. Huge, ravenous creatures roamed the lands, each more vicious than the last.

Martian scientists probably concluded that a move to earth at the time would be foolhardy. Obviously, there was time to come up with a solution.

The asteroid belt, being near Mars presented an opportunity. Three of four asteroids, possibly up to a half dozen, were sent on their way disrupting the fragile ecosystem.

The end of the dinosaurs brought about another circumstance. The cooling of the Earth began a newer life form, mammals. This evolution led to homo erectus, a being very similar to Martians. IT was at this time the Martians came to Earth as their new home.

For those looking for the missing link, it’s not going to happen. Bones of homo erectus are all that remain.

Where is the evidence? It is in front of us all the time,

Those of us who were conscious in the 70’s may remember a book that caused a great uproar. The Book? Chariots of the Gods by Erich Van Daniken presented startling evidence that aliens visited Earth. This book had many valid points and we at Channel 37 think that all should read it soon. Buy it here.

While we grasp the information presented in this book, we disagree with the conclusions. We at Channel 37 feel that these space travelers were not visitors; we feel that they are our ancestors. This, of course, would explain everything. But more on this latter on.

If the Martians moved to Earth, where are their ships? Obviously they have to be somewhere. Could this be related to UFO sightings around the world? This is a very easy correlation to make. These ships are hidden in secret places on Earth. The Martian “Space Force” has been maintaining these vehicles and going on regular training flights. Sometimes they are seen. Perhaps when they pick people up and probe them all sorts of ways, they are just looking for recruits. We know that this may seem callous, but those of us who grew up with Army doctors, it seems very reasonable.

It is very evident that Van Daniker relied on much evidence from the Mayan culture. This culture was one of the most advanced and developed cultured of the ancient world. The Mayan calendar is also being held as one of the chief pieces of evidence of the end of the world in 2012. We at Channel 37 do see it as a calendar.

We see it as a countdown.

So, to wrap things up, we will proffer a list of the mysteries that this theory explains:
• The disappearance of the dinosaurs
• Lack of the missing link
• Artifacts in EVERY culture showing spacemen
• World-wide UFO sightings
• The Mayan Countdown, er, calendar

This is, of course, the short version of the “The Theory of the Great Migration.” The crew of Channel 37 will be happy to give the longer version at events across the nation. Just make sure we have time on the ole’ Mayan countdown.

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