The Wind from the Sun

37 MinutesThe Wind from the Sun is a short story written by the great Arthur C. Clarke. It was first published in 1962. it has since been published in various places and again under the title of Sunjammer.

The story revolved around a race between “space yachts” using only the wind from the sun as propulsion. The wind from the sun referred to the wave of radiant energy that the sun discharges. These yachts have thin fragile “wings” that would capture this energy and use it as propulsion.

The sun, for the past several months, has shown that this is a real energy source idea.

This video shows a solar tornado. The sun is sending out tremendous amounts of energy.

A NASA video talks about the power unleashed in a Solar Flare between March 8th and 10th of this year. (Warning: This is a government video; do not view while operating heavy machinery.) The video states that this storm produced enough energy to provide power to every house in New York City for two years.

Even last week, we were subjected to another round of Solar Flares.

Of course, to many people, this means the end of the Earth. Many loyal Channel 37 visitors of course remember the last “End of the Earth” story we posted here. Already the sales of aluminum foil hats and fashions are being planned on the drawing boards. The next big fashion show in Paris may have some of these concepts.

We at Channel 37 however feel that this is not time to panic, but time for great opportunities! Arthur C. Clarke, one of our favorite Science Fiction writers, has a history for predicting things that actually happen – Think Communication Satellites. We feel that as the “Space Program” is winding down in this country, there is a real chance for many businesses to actually make a profit.

Using Solar Wind technology, transportation costs would be minimal. Stations could be built for the express purpose of energy harvesting. Dwindling fossil fuel supplies could give way to a secure, cleaner energy alternative.

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