It’s the End of the World (Film at 11)

37 MinutesAs many of our dear readers know, the world will end this Saturday. As we expect this to be a fairly momentous event, we at Channel 37 will be ready to capture the details. Our video crews will be out and waiting for the event to unfold.

Rest assured we will have live (recorded) video at our debut at Balticon on Memorial Day weekend. Scroll down for updates as they happen.

Until then, Enjoy an old REM video:

UPDATE: 05/21/2011, 10:24am

As of yet the end of the world has not manifested itself. We are, however, still vigilant in our coverage. We have several bit of new information:

a) The end will occur at 6pm (1800 military time). We are, as of now, unsure whether this is GMT, EST, CST, PST or Arizona time. We will have more information as if becomes available.

b) Giant Foods (no, not a sponsor) is producing or selling extra large marshmallows, ideal for roasting over Fire and Brimstone. Hopefully we will have recipes soon.

c) Check back with Channel 37 for the latest End of the World coverage!

UPDATE: 05/21/2011, 1:04pm

This is Paul reporting in from Annapolis. Just came back from a foray to the local coffee shop, where everyone appeared to be calm over what could be their final meals. Their courage and calm demeanor in the face of impending doom was a marvel for this correspondent to behold.

We will continue our coverage throughout this unfolding story. In the meantime, keep courage.

UPDATE: 05/21/2011, 1:37pm

The weather is great, the sky is calm. Is this the calm before the storm? The Northern Baltimore branch of Channel 37 will be offline for the next several hours.

Don’t Panic. Will be back later. Meanwhile Paul will keep the world informed as needed. Will tweet if something happens in the meantime!

UPDATE: 05/21/2011, 5:18pm

After enjoying the bittersweet pleasure of what could be my last beer after putting an initial coat of paint on the wall in the back yard (we want it to look good for these final hours), I am preparing to sally forth to put on the final coat before the appointed time of the rapture. Ah, the poignancy of that phrase; a “final coat” indeed.

While I was painting, I heard many sounds that seemed at first to be omens: the distant roar of the thundering hooves of the apocalyptic horsemen, which turned out to be a helicopter; a wailing trumpet of doom that turned out to be a neighbor’s vacuum. Nevertheless, I remain vigilantly on duty and will report again — one way or another!

UPDATE: 05/21/2011, 11:36pm

The northern branch of Channel 37 is back online! We just learned of a volcanic eruption in Iceland. Is this the end? Could it be the harbinger of doom? Or is it just blowing hot air like the rest of this wild rumor?

Let us know what you think! Come see us at Balticon next weekend and give us your opinion!

UPDATE: 05/22/11, 9:45am

Hey, did you hear that the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012? Be sure to follow our coverage of this latest breaking apocalypse here on Channel 37, your home for serial science fiction from the distant reaches of UHF!

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