The God Particle

37 MinutesMuch has been made of the Higgs boson tests at CERN this past week. Is the particle discovered the actual “God” particle? Do these tests prove anything? What does the future hold?

If the reader watched the video posted on July 4th here, the reader would realize that even the scientists at CERN disdain the idea of calling the Higgs boson the God particle. So, what is all the fuss about?

As a service to our faithful viewers, I as a mineral/gemologist type guy, will try to explain the ramification of the latest CERN discovery. (NOTE: Those readers with a physical science background are encouraged to comment if we going astray).

To start with, the Big Bang Theory needs to be invoked as a precursor to the Standard Model. The Standard Model, being the current theory on how everything works. The Big Bang Theory is the very theory of creation. The basic premise is that all matter was created in one gigantic explosion. This explosion sent matter to all ends of the Universe. In many theoretical tests, the Universe is continuing to expand.

Theoretically, the Big Band sent atoms careening all over the universe. In the 1920’s, Albert Einstein set up the idea of the structure of atoms. The atom was composed of sub atomic type “particles” such as protons and electrons. One of the scientists working with Einstein, Satyendranath Bose, discovered that some of these particles had a peculiar type of behavior. This type of particle was named a “Boson” after Dr. Bose (had this discovery been made after the 60’s it would have probably be know as the “Bozo”, but we digress).

In 1964 Peter Higgs, theorized that one type of boson, might actually work as a building agent. The “Higgs boson” as it became known, as had a specific behavior pattern. This boson would attract like matter. For instance, a carbon atom would be attracted to another carbon atom.

As these atomic structures grew, they would build mass. Of course, chaos adds to the equation. A hydrogen atom might be attached to a carbon atom, thus attracting other hydrogen atoms in the mix. Eventually, the mass grows and forms a hydrocarbon structure, similar to Earth. This process takes billions of years.

A planet sized mass would have its own gravity structure. A larger gravity field would attract a smaller gravity field. The Earth as an example, is attracted to the sun, but due to its velocity is in a sort of perpetual free-fall we call an orbit. So it is with the moon.

Those of us who grew up before video games may recall the old Erector Set. Each had its own type of part (atoms) held together with those little, tiny screws (the Higgs boson).

Of course, the media in dumbing down the concept refers to the concept as the “God particle.” This would be true if this theory proved how life began. As it is, it proves how the chemicals for life became available. Fundamentalists can put away the pitchforks and torches for now (for now).

That the theory of Dr. Bose has been proven correct is an awesome event and shows the importance of technology. The tests will continue through the rest of the year to determine if this is indeed the “Higgs” boson.

We, of course, will keep our viewer updated on any new information as it happens.

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