Billions and Billions of…Diamonds!

37 MinutesInteresting news this week: Russia just unveiled a long held state secret to the world. Apparently, 35 million years ago a large meteorite fell in a region of Russia near Siberia. The site is known as the Popigai Astroblem. The area mostly was a deposit of graphite.

Upon impact, most of the graphite was changed instantly into diamonds. The site was discovered during the Soviet Era in the 1970’s and was deemed a state secret. The Soviet Union at that time was intent of developing synthetic diamonds.

Due to the violent nature of these diamonds forming, they are reported by the Russians to be twice as hard as normal diamonds.

The Russians believe this site has trillions it not quadrillions of carats of diamonds.

Unfortunately for the ladies, the diamonds seem to be of use only industrially. There is some interest is using them in future semi-conductor capabilities.

Here is the story from Yahoo.

And another version from IDEX, a company that tracks diamond production and pricing.

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2 Responses to Billions and Billions of…Diamonds!

  1. Paul Lagasse says:

    Well, that explains the Tunguska Event of 1908. See, there were these slow aliens with R E A L L Y long life spans who were shipping diamonds in convenient lightweight granite form, and they were passing by Earth when they accidentally lost part of the shipment, which crashed in Siberia. The aliens got all the way to their destination, realized the cargo had fallen off somewhere, and went back to retrace their route. When they spotted the cargo buried in Siberia all diamond-ized with no way to get it back up into space, they launched a photon torpedo (or their equivalent thereof) to destroy it. They missed, of course (everyone on earth thought it was just a comet fragment), but the aliens didn’t notice; they had already high-tailed it out of there because all the overtime they were racking up looking for the shipment was bankrupting the company. Finally, it all comes together.

  2. Gary says:

    You know, it may just tie in the The Theory of the Great Migration Maybe that’s what motivated the Martians to come to earth in the first place. Cheap diamonds! Sure works with the cruise lines.

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