Flying Island Press, The Seekrit Projekt Interview Channel 37

Action 37 News!As our regular readers know, we had a terrific time at Balticon 45 (read our day-by-day recaps here, here, here, and here), which was the official debut of Channel 37. One of the highlights of the event was getting to meet Zach Ricks and Scott Roche of Flying Island Press, whose magazine Flagship is in the vanguard of what we’re hereby christening the Neopulp Movement.

Paul had the pleasure of interviewing Zach and Scott for Channel 37 and they kindly turned right around and interviewed Paul right back for a special edition of the Galley Table podcast. Check it out!

Later that day, Scott interviewed both Paul and Gary for The Seekrit Projekt, Scott’s very cool initiative to help fellow content creators get the word out about their new project through the power of social media. Be sure to stay tuned to the part where the giant flying robots come storming through the interview!

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  1. Scott Roche says:

    It was a real pleasure!

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