2011 – The Year That Was

37 MinutesAs this year winds down, Channel 37 would like to take a few moments in retrospection of the past year. In fact, if the Mayans are right we will not have that opportunity next year, so let us have a little fun – while there is yet time.

The “year that was” was unique in so many ways, that we’ll probably miss a couple of highlights, so please feel free to comment!

Perhaps the most significant in science is the fact that the speed of light is no longer the “absolute limit.” You can find our coverage here. That this absolute limit has been bypassed is huge! Someday, scientists will figure out how to propel things bigger than parts of an atom, but the breakthrough came in 2011.

This past year also was the end of the manned Space Program in the USA. This was covered here. Even thought we have several unmanned missions to Mars, nothing is planned as manned flights. Hopefully, the Space Program will be revitalized within the next several years.

In 2011, the world was due to end – not once but twice! We had coverage here. Fortunately, the world didn’t end (or did it). Of course, the world will end in 2012, so we will see how that one works out!

Channel 37 was privileged to attend Balticon here are some of the great updates: Day One, Day Two, Day Three and Day Four. A great time and much learning was had by all.

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Have a Great and Safe New Year Everyone!

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